(English version below.)

日本 Java ユーザグループ (JJUG) は、Java 技術の向上・発展、開発者の支援を目的とした任意団体です。


日本では Java の黎明期に Java カンファレンスや Java コンソーシアムなどの JUG が存在しました。


その後、定期的に行うナイトセミナや、年に2回開催するCross Community Conference(通称JJUG CCC)などを通じ、Java技術の普及、開発者の交流などを行ってきました。


現在、会長は3代目の谷本 心が務めています。毎月開催しているナイトセミナには200名程度が参加し、CCCでは約1000名が参加する規模となっています。


What is the JJUG?

The Japan Java User Group (JJUG) is an organisation dedicated to the progress of Java technologies and a forum where Java developers can exchange and share ideas.

The JJUG was founded in 2007 and has steadily grown from just a handful of members to a community of well about 10,000. Since the launch of Java SE 8 and Java EE 7, Java has begun attracting more developers and the JJUG has become the leading social network for Java developers.

What does the JJUG do?

We manage regular events called the “Night Seminar” once a month or more and hold the increasingly popular Cross Community Conference, named the “JJUG CCC”, bianually in Tokyo. These events spread Java technologies and help developers meet and mingle. In addition, we organize specialist speakers to hold seminars for our partner Java groups all over Japan and run joint events to build professional and personal relationships with several other Java communities as well.